Inspired by trebuchet03'sAnti Crayon Art it's really a test of the method.


Step 1: Materials

A box of wax crayons
An oven
Some aluminium foil

Step 2: Assembly

Carefully cut the seam of the crayon-box and turn it inside-out. Apply some glue and reform the box to make a plinth.

Cut a ring from the cardboard tube, or otherwise make one. I found that a standard British toilet paper tube is just the right size. Pack the crayons in the tube, hexagonally.

Apply glue to the bottom of the crayon-pack, and work it down the cracks (e.g. with a pin or piece of wire) . The glue will hold the crayons together well enough, and secure them to the plinth. Add the crayons to the plinth and allow to dry. I used 2-part epoxy: strong & heat-resistant.

Step 3: The Melt

I made a tray by wrapping (4 layers) of foil around a box.
Then into a gentle oven for 15min.
(see video)

Step 4: Stage 2

Then I put it back in for ~30min.

Step 5: And...

I got a picture-frame out of the waste
i overlook this i mean wat does it do
its art... and a paperweight...
how about only melting the bottom part, that would be cool.
You might be able to do that with a hair dryer and some heat-shielding. You'd probably be better getting some more crayons and cutting the tops of to add back to the above L
that's um.... Artistic?? lol Looks like fun anyways.
I Like the effect of the wax running out. Creates this, rainbowish pattern. And, of course, The Crayola frame is awesome!
Wow, now you're really showing Crayola you mean Business. -Punk
Sorry, no. You didn't let the wax drain out in the way trebuchet did. It needed to be on the side so all the wax would come out, and it would be hollow tubes!
I did put it back in. L
Yes. The oven melts from the top, so it won't run out the bottom until all the wax is melted. I stopped this short to keep some wax on the box (it's thin stuff) but I'm thinking about putting it back in the oven. L
What kind of glue did you use?<br/><br/>Was the video sped up, or stop-motion?<br/><br/>Oh, and <em>please</em> tell me that the music on the video isn't on your normal playlist!<br/>
Step 2 &quot;I used 2-part epoxy&quot;<br/>The video is 4x<br/>The music is in my &quot;Music for Sponks&quot; directory, along with Willim Shatner <em>et al</em>.<br/>Do you remember <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFlmEznsr2w">Junior Kick Start</a>?<br/><br/>L<br/>
Good grief, so it is...!
Sorry the video is speeded-up 2<sup>4</sup> times, there are 4 x double speed effects.<br/><br/>L<br/>
Wow, that is quite neat!

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