Introduction: Crayon Lipstick?

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Fun way to make lipstick if your looking for a great pigment and it's very cheap to make!

Step 1: Gather Supply's

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•crayons {non toxic}
• frying pan
•cocoanut oil
•small jar
•something to stir with
•paper toils
•1/2 teaspoon
•container to hold lipstick

Step 2: Baking Time!

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Fill the pan with water

•turn stove on low
•put pan on stove
•put jar on stove

Step 3: Put Stuff In!

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Break a crayon in have and place in jar
Then put 1/2 a teaspoon in the jar also

Step 4: Stir!

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Stir until melted! {this might take a minute}

Step 5: Almost Done!

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Take off stove
Quickly poor into container

Step 6: Done!

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Then just pop in the fridge until hardens!!

Step 7: Clean

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Then clean your jar out with a paper toil then your on to making another one!


Crazybass (author)2017-01-15

What can you replace with coconut oil if you dont have any coconut oil?

Ash.1 (author)Crazybass2017-11-13

olive oil should work as well

Joytabarsi (author)2015-08-22

I tried this and. It is a pretty good lipstick and you whould think it would be harmful but it is safer than a lot of lipsticks ex.mac. add extra coconut oil and vegtable oil works too. But coconut oil tastes better. Mmm...?

seamster (author)2015-07-07

Great idea!

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