Picture of Crayon Lipstick ;D
Here's how to make completely safe & non toxic lipsticks by using crayons. Yes! Crayons!(;

Step 1: The Things You Will Need:

Picture of The Things You Will Need:
1. Crayons of your choice 2. 1/2 tsp of any type of oil (olive, almond, jojoba, etc.) 3. Vaseline or Shea butter 4. Stick to stir with 5. Small container 6. Heat source (like a candle or a stove top) 7. Metal spoon to heat ingredients in
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can u make this without any type of olive oil?????

dbennett81 year ago
I made this a couple days ago, and after it hardened I had a hard time getting any of it on. How do I fix this? :(

make just with crayons and coconut oil

MudkipG6 months ago

Can I do this without shea butter or vaseline?

Kara M MudkipG1 month ago


Kara M1 month ago

cool! i am going 2 try that

suzysmith243 months ago
I made it!
hey I was listening to npr and it said that even Crayola said do not make makeup out of our crayon
JulieV13 months ago

i just made this and i am pretty sure i made it correctly i used coconut oil and the crayon but when i put it in the container i let it harden but now when i try to put it on it is really hard and nothing shows on my finger. i put it in the microwave to make it more liquid and it kinda worked but is there something else i could do to fix it ?

xXxNikixXx2 years ago
Is It okay if you use old Vaseline?


mhatcher12 years ago
I'm sure it's safe! Kids eat crayons all the time! Hahaha but does the color really show up?


lol it actually is true.... haha

kaitln19954 months ago

can I use virgin coconut oil?

Ellie108327 months ago

Super creative and unique! Fun! :D

Now I've tried it a 2nd time I added a little bit of lemon juice to a peachy pink and vanilla to dark purple. I showed my friend and now I have a lipstick waiting list!
I want to try this. Just to be clear what kind of vanilla did you use??


cocabop1 year ago
I made it for my comic-con outfit an it turned out amazing!!!

I made it. It was messy/fun!


TieDIY1 year ago
I thought it was lip balm in the shape of a crayon... Ah well, This is cool anyway. Could you try that somehow????? :D
I just made this and its definitely not a lipstick but feels like a great chapstick!
I like to try it ;)
does it work in white color? because we are having a stage play and we need to use white lipstick?
Wow I love this so much<3
Nadflick2 years ago
I just made a batch and it's awesome! A great gift too! One thing is that when your melting it over a candle, sometimes it burns your hands, but I don't really care!
eflorisa2 years ago
i tried making this twice and it hasn't worked can someone help me.

The first time was my fault because i used petrolium jelly vaselin but the second time i used cocoa butter could that be the problem? or not enough oil?
diana79502 years ago
I did it i had so much fun doing it . It's awesome.
Arrioche2 years ago
I'm hoping it goes better next time.
Arrioche2 years ago
I tried this but I'd read it as half a TABLEspoon of cooking oil. That didn't work so well.
jaffabunny2 years ago
could I use a bit of chapstick instead of vaseline/shea butter?
realife112 years ago
Would be a good idea to stay away from any crayons 'made in China'. Stick to the name brand stuff. I remember a news report within the last ten years that reported there being lead and other contaminants in crayons coming from China. Just saying, you won't know what's actually in something if it's not tested or if it's imported, since laws for such things are different in each country.
Its really nice to be able to use the crayons for making the lipsticks of your choice. But is is really safe?
Crayola is super-safe. Crayola's been around for years and are well known as non-toxic. These are the crayons that kids end of snacking on, so I'm sure it's super safe.
ASKLBA2 years ago
drwebster2 years ago
that is realy neat,lead free too!
sjara2 years ago
This just might make me want to wear lipstick.
mantill2 years ago
I wanna see different swatches on a model!
Ahaa2 years ago
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