Step 1: Materials

Empty chap stick
Coconut oil
Glass bowl ( small)
Stove or microwave

Step 2: Put Crayons in Bowl

Take the paper cover off the crayons and put small pieces in the glass bowl

Step 3:

Put the coconut oil in the bowl with the crayons

Step 4: Heating

Put it in for 2:10 mins

Step 5: Finished

Pour into the Chapstick container after stirring and then cool

Step 6: Shoutout To

"Mrgummieb" he has just started out and he made a how to get a girlfriend personal he has one and it work his relationship is great so far
No it's completely safe
<p>doesn't the crayons have side effects on your lips? but super love the idea!</p>
My lips look awesome
This is how it turns out
Free to tell your experience

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