Crayon Lipstick





Introduction: Crayon Lipstick

Did you know that most lipsticks contain lead? Yes, LEAD!!! It is a horrible thing to even think that something you have put on your mouth contains something you would normally write with. But I know a extremely simple recipe to make a lipstick that is completely safe!!! With crayons, a stove, and a few other household items, you can make your very own crayon lipstick!!!

Step 1: Materials

• Crayon (any color)
• Coconut oil
• Stove
• 1/2 teaspoon measurement
• Double boiler or a pan and a smaller bowl
• Small container
• Something to mix with
• Paper towels

Step 2: Heating

• Fill up your double boiler or pan with water and place on the stove on low heat.
• In your bowl, combine a 1/2 tablespoon of coconut oil and your crayon (I suggest you break your crayon in half to make this easier.)
Then place it in your pan.
• While it is Melting you can stir it to speed up the progress.

Step 3: Finishing

• Once your mixture is completely melted, pour it into your container. Then place that over a paper towel in the freezer.
• Leave it in the freezer for 15 minutes and then, voila! You have your very own crayon lipgloss!!!
BY THE WAY this is more of a lipstick then a lipgloss! It is a nice thick consistency. :~)



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Looking at your instructions you mention 1/2 teaspoon in step 1 and 1/2 tablespoon in step 2. Looking at the images it looks like teaspoon is the right option, but just thought I'd seek clarification before I get started!

I made it and I did it in the microwave to me its like lip gloss because its it super creamy. I think I did something wrong. actually I think I jus melted. :/

@8hihi8- I'm not sure but you can defiantly try it out! Please tell me how it turns out!

Hello! Is there any way that I could use everyday lotion or vaseline? Please answer ASAP!

Hello! Is there any way that I could use everyday lotion or vaseline? Please answer ASAP!

@Danger is my middle name - I will definitely take this into account on my other instructables! Thanks for the feedback!

@travisw864 Thank you! You should try it out!!!

@doodlecraft it is a thicker consistency that is a lot more like lipstick that lipgloss! It is also a VERY vibrant color!

This is amazing!! Such a creative girl!