Our family started a new tradition for the month of October, called 'The thirty-one days of Halloween'.  The link takes you to the site where I got the idea, and hopefully one year I'll be able to document the entire month and make an Instructable for it.

For now, I am posting one of the days we tried this kid-friendly craft (think age four (4) and up) and created these pumpkins with crayons melted on them.

I got the idea from this blog post.  The author used larger pumpkins, but I changed it up a bit and learned a few lessons to make this craft in the future even better.

You can tell by the photos that we used all kinds of colors.  That's what kids do and I love it.  I made a black & purple one, but it didn't come out as well as the colored ones to me.

I hope you experiment with crayons melted on pumpkins and show me what you made!

Step 1: Materials & Tools

We did the crayon art on five mini-pumpkins.  The total cost for the project was about $5 as I believe the mini-pumpkins were about $1 a piece. 
It took us a total of about an hour to do all five pumpkins.  I would estimate that one pumpkin would take about twenty (20) total minutes to do this craft, including removing the paper from the crayons.  It definately could be done as a pop of color for a last minute craft with the kids or decoration.

A note of useless information: Every October, I buy a mini pumpkin that represents each member of my immediate family so we already had those as part of our Halloween pumpkin display.

The crayons were old and used and most of them were already broken.

The remaining tools were stuff I had around the house.

Materials & Tools:
  • Miniature Pumpkin(s)
  • Ten to twelve crayons of the color of your choice per pumpkin, can be broken or used - Recommend to use all the same thickness, any brand
  • Optional: Dish with water to soak the crayons paper off
  • Knife and Cutting board
  • Hot glue gun (we use low temp) with glue
  • At least two paper plates per pumpkin
  • Hair Dryer
  • Optional: Paper towels for easy clean up
<p>I did this last night for a fun fall birthday photo shoot.... :)</p>
<p>Gorgeous! I need to paint the pumpkins white first! Thank you for sharing! =)</p>
I just bought a white pumpkin...picked it up at our local amish market for $1.00
omg thats soooo gud well done!! im defo voting for u!
Thank you!
Awesome work .Love it.Just voted .All the best
Thank you!
This is one of the most original pumpkins I have ever seen! I saw many things made with this crayon technique on the internet but I really love this one, well done! :)
Thank you so much!
Awe! Thank you! =)

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