Crayon Melt Glass Ornaments DIY





Introduction: Crayon Melt Glass Ornaments DIY

I absolutely love how watercolory and colorful these crayon drip ornaments turned out and they are SO easy to make. They really only take three things to create.  I'm serious!  Here's how you make them!

Step 1: What You Need and Before You Begin:

What you need:
– Clear glass ornaments (I bought mine at Michaels, please avoid plastic kind as they could melt)
– crayons
– mini craft knife
– protective plastic or newspaper
– hair dryer
– embellishments as desired

Before you begin:  Prepare your area with protective plastic (I used garbage bags) or newspaper.  Even though this is a little bit less messy than other crayon crafts, you don't want the chance of your carpet, table, etc ending up spattered with crayon drippings!

Step 2: Tear Off Labels From Crayons

1. I started off by using my craft knife and fingernails to rip off the labels on the crayons.  This is the hardest part of the process. Good thing, cause I get impatient!

Step 3: Break Off Small Pieces and Put in Ornament

2. Remove the stem from the glass ornaments carefully. Now cut or break small chunks of your crayon and drop them in. I chose to do no more than 3-4 colors at a time, but feel free to experiment with more or less!

Step 4: Blast the Ornament With a Hair Dryer on High

3. With your hair dryer setting on high, blast the heat on the ornament. I found I could handle the ornament if I didn't hold the heat too long in one spot. I twirled the ornament as they dripped with my hand. Sometimes the crayons were uncontrollable.  That's the beauty of this project, it creates abstract just have to go with it!

Step 5:

Step 6: Melt Until Desired Look, Then Shake Out Crayons

4. I chose to stop before my crayon was absolutely covered on the inside. I liked the transparent and scratch effect the crayon wax had with the glass, as you can see in the example above.  When you are satisfied, shake or heat the crayons up so they'll go out the opening.

That's it! You can add a bow or sparkle to the outside if you wish.  These would be pretty on a tree, on a gift, or in a glass bowl for a pretty display! Here's some more pics of my finished creations!

Step 7: Finished Project Detail 1

Step 8: Finished Project Detail 2



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Surprised how hot the hair dryer got and melted the crayons so quickly.

Did anyone have any success using plastic ornaments? I bought plastic before I read the instructions. Thanks for your input.

I bought last if before reading as well. Had seen this on Facebook. I went ahead and tried. You just have to move fast before the plastic melts along with the crayon.

Wear an oven mitt when blow drying the ornament. It helps so much.

Wow made these tonight. I used gloves to hold the glass ornaments. Also putting the crayons in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes took the paper right off. I'm not a person who does crafts and this was really easy.

Next time put the crayons in a little hot water, the papers literally fall off the crayons.

I would like to know from someone how the wax and ornament has lasted over time. I have made glass ornaments for years similar to this using acrylics and glass paints with different results.

Sorry if you never see this, but for anyone else who wondered- My BFF made this with my big kid for us last year, and they looked great when I got out ornaments this year

i can DOA pleas help me my scene project tomorrow help me