Step 6: Melt until desired look, then shake out crayons

Picture of Melt until desired look, then shake out crayons
4. I chose to stop before my crayon was absolutely covered on the inside. I liked the transparent and scratch effect the crayon wax had with the glass, as you can see in the example above.  When you are satisfied, shake or heat the crayons up so they'll go out the opening.

That's it! You can add a bow or sparkle to the outside if you wish.  These would be pretty on a tree, on a gift, or in a glass bowl for a pretty display! Here's some more pics of my finished creations!
cwolaver8 months ago

I made these for my parents of school children this year and wanted a cute little poem to go with it. This is what I came up with if you want to use it :) Have fun!!!

My crayons were broken

And well beyond use

So I decided to recycle

And make something new

We thought
and thought

About what to do

We made this beautiful

Christmas ball for you!

pamela.button9 months ago

I would like to know from someone how the wax and ornament has lasted over time. I have made glass ornaments for years similar to this using acrylics and glass paints with different results.