Introduction: Crayon Melting

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This is a fun, easy, and quick craft

Step 1: Gather Materials

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You will need
A hot glue gun
A hair dryer
Black paint (optional)
Paint brush (optional)

Step 2: Glue Crayons

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You can choose to take the paper off of your crayons but I chose to leave it on. If you leave the paper on, make sure you have the brand name at the top of all of the crayons. Set out your crayons in the order you will want them and one by one, glue the crayons to the top of the canvas, making sure that there is no space between the crayons

Step 3: Melt Crayons

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Once all of your crayons are melted use your hair dryer to melt the crayons. Make sure your canvas is sitting up and there is something under and behind it. It might take a little but to get it started but once you have it started, it should keep going easily. Keep blow drying until your crayons are melted as much as you want.

Step 4: Paint Quote (optional)

Use your black to pant on any quote you like. For mine I did "life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." You can write it however you want, I did cursive.

Step 5: Show Off

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Now it's time to show off your finished project! Post pics on Facebook, give it as a gift, or just hang it on the wall!


amyt5 (author)2015-06-24

Just a note: Step 3 reads: Once all of your crayons are melted use your hair dryer to melt the crayons. Should edit to read once the crayons are glued or mounted.

Also a thought: when using a hot glue gun and hot glue, if your dryer or hot air gun is too hot, the glue will get soft and the crayons can move. Choice of glue is pretty important. Just thought I would mention what I had found out when following instructables. Great Idea, I love the quote under the melted crayons idea.


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