Step 2: Assembly

Depending on the hooks you buy, you may need to bend them so you have one loop (which will be the top) and a straight end. Like a candy cane.

Take a single hook, and heat the straight end using the lighter. If you have a blowtorch style lighter, that's all the better. You want the metal to heat up pretty well.

Once you are satisfied with the temperature of the hook (too long and you'll start feeling the heat spreading to the area you're holding, maybe I should recommend gloves), you'll insert the heated end into the bottom of the crayon. The faster you do this, the better. You'll be less likely to split the crayon, and the wax will yield nicely. Then it will hardden around the hook. The bond is sturdy enough for the crayon to remain on the end without it slipping off while hung.
So, by chance did you try this going through the tip of the crayon? Because this sounds like a fantastic idea, but looks kind of weird with the crayons hanging upside-down.
I haven't done that myself, though I'm sure you could! Not a bad idea either.
try melting them in tins, mixing colors, different cookie cutter shapes, and adding the hook to those. :)
That's a great idea. We actually melt down the broken and worn down crayons my son uses and pour them ino ice cube trays to make fat crayons for him. Shouldn't be too hard to do the same for your suggestion. Thanks for the feedback.
Any chance of seeing how they look on an actual tree? Really creative idea though!
They got packed away pretty quick after Christmas, but my wife and I decorate pretty early, so I'll have to take some pictures as soon as we get everything up.
Very simple and cute!
Thanks, Penolopy.

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