Crayon puppets are great for teaching per-schoolers colors! They are also great to use as an addition to your puppet show! In a couple simple steps you can have your own! Materials you will need: A color fleece of your choice, Red fleece ( if you are making a red crayon use black instead of red), Black felt, 1/2" Poly-urathane foam, Contact cement, Craft eyes ( I get mine from out of the box puppets.com), Scissors, Razor blades, Marker, Foam board and Duct tape

Step 1: The Head

To make the head: 1) cut three triangles of the same size, this will be your skull. 2) along the long sides of the triangles dab glue, don't use a lot! Allow to dry till tacky till you put together (5 min.) 3) now trace the same triangle pattern you used for the skull onto a piece of fleece. Add 1" seam allowance to all sides. 4) take to the sewing machine and see the edges of the sides together. Now fit the fabric over the foam.
Thanks for the instructable. On my puppet that I will build I will cut triangular slits into the triangles for the head to give it more of a curvy look.
How cute
<p>It gave me an idea for a syringe puppet all I would have to do is add a needle to the tip. Now to make a doctor puppet to go with it.</p>
здорово получилось, сделаю таких же=)
love it
These are very cute!
nice! Thanks!

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