Introduction: Crayon Splatter

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Step 1: Materials

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•Painting Canvas any size (I got a 16x20 in canvas)
•Poster board letters
•Crayons (since I got a 16x20 in canvas I just got a 96 pack of crayons)

Step 2: Placing Letters on Canvas

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Place your letters on canvas to spell any any name or words that you would like.

I used the letters to spell out my name.

I used taped to tape down the letters on my canvas

Step 3: Melt Individual Crayon on Canvas

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Open your pack of crayons and use the hairdryer to melt individual crayons on the canvas.

Step 4: Taking the Letters Off

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After melting the crayons on the canvas you start removing your letters off the canvas.

Step 5: Letting It Dry

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After taking your letters off of canvas you should let the canvas sit under a ceiling fan or sit outside so it can dry

Step 6: Hang It Up

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After letting the canvas dry you should hang the canvas on well.

I hung mine my canvas up in my room , but you can hang up up any where u want.


amberrayh (author)2015-05-26

This looks awesome. I'll have to try it. I hope we see more from you on Instructables in the future!

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