Crayon Wrapper Removal




Introduction: Crayon Wrapper Removal

We all love melting old crayons and making fun stuff with them. Here is a quick way to remove the paper wrappers.

Step 1: Cut Wood to Shape, Install Screw

Drill two holes in an old 2x4 scrap piece of wood.

1 - the first hole is about the diameter of a crayon. We used a 23/64" but anything close should work. This first hole goes all the way through the wood. The location for this is determined by the length of the wood-screw.

2 - the second hole is about the diameter of a wood-screw and goes until it breaks through into the first hole.

Install the wood-screw so that just the tip breaks into the crayon-hole.

Shove crayons through and adjust the depth so the wood-screw just scrapes the paper.

See video for demo.



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