Crazy! One of the Best of Paper Toy. No Glue.




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Introduction: Crazy! One of the Best of Paper Toy. No Glue.

Step 1: Take One Piece of Paper A4.

Fold and cut as on foto .

Step 2: Make the Numbers

Make the numbers on both sids of paper and fold .

Step 3: Enjoy Twisting.

Enjoy twisting.



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    ooh i forgot how can i like this?

    ooh i forgot how can i like this?

    i want to say im already a fan of yours and i only started looking at your instructables a few weeks ago. i like all the many toys that you can make out of paper and that most of them are similar in some ways. and just now after i looked through this i thought : " OMG I HAVE TO MAKE THIS". :D

    The "trick" to this fold, is to think of it as closing the four flaps of a box--the last flap needs to be tucked underneath the first flap. Once you get it, you'll wonder why it confused you.

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    Your comment really helped me understand this thank you for posting!

    Fold the last side over so that you see three 3's and a 9/6. Unfold it and lift the 9/6 and 3 so that you can fold the 6, facing it downwards under the 3 so that it faces another 6. Then just lift the 4 up so that it all slips into place.

    I've been trying to do this repeatedly...I just can't seem to get the very last step before the fold. Help?

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    well rather I should say the last step to finish it up..not the fold. sorry.

    if you watch the video at the first step it's really helpful (I had the same problem..) If you still don't get it just reply to this comment and i'll explain it out

    I don't understand the last one when the 3 threes and 1 nine....

    HELP ME I have no Idea how its done either, if golics told me I'd know, HINT HINT!

    I realy dont under stand the last fold with the 3 3's the 2 2's and the one six

    how do you do this????????? I got to the 3 rd step right b4 the end and its confusing

    I can't remember exactly but I do know that I watched the video on the first step/intro page. I watched the one step like 30 times before getting it but it's really cool when you can do it

    i cant understand the part where you push something in and it makes it all 3's

    this is cool
    (but easy to make wen i first did it)
    i never new this was possible :P

    I love this. It's so cool.


    this is hard