Step 2: Make the numbers

Picture of Make  the numbers
Make the numbers on both sids of paper and fold .
HOW DO I DO the last step
Fold the last side over so that you see three 3's and a 9/6. Unfold it and lift the 9/6 and 3 so that you can fold the 6, facing it downwards under the 3 so that it faces another 6. Then just lift the 4 up so that it all slips into place.
huwmessie14 years ago
I love this. It's so cool.

wert4565 years ago
this is hard
janiru6 years ago
I did it. ha..haa..haa..
hey uhh i need help on that part
its actuelly easy but at the end its harder beacause there is no step 4 but if u watch the movie its easy but i did not watch it my friend did
FeverSoccer7 years ago
you missed step 4
there isn't a step 4
meep22126 years ago
Never mind. I looked at the movie and figured it out, eventually.
meep22126 years ago
i have all the numbers right but when i try to fold it the numbers are a jumbled mess. Any ideas?
I've been trying to do this repeatedly...I just can't seem to get the very last step before the fold. Help?
well rather I should say the last step to finish it up..not the fold. sorry.