Picture of Crazy Chick
Amigurumi Crazy Chick in egg box web.jpg
Amigurumi Crazy Chick scale web.jpg
This little Amigurumi Chick is only 3.5" tall from the tip off his toes to the top of his tufty head.  I designed this Crazy Chick to fit inside one of those plastic Easter Eggs (a bit of fun when he's discovered on an egg hunt!).  My plastic eggs are 3" tall and Crazy Chick fits in easily.  He's very quick to make so it wouldn't take long to crochet up a pile of crazy chicks!
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Step 1: Materials and Abbreviations:

Picture of Materials and Abbreviations:

Hook Size B-1 (2.00mm) 
Sport weight yarn (4 ply)  (I like cotton but it's up to you)
Pearl Cotton for beak and eyes (No.5)
Toy stuffing
darning needle

Abbeviations (USA stitch names):

sc                 Single Crochet
hdc               Half Double Crochet
dc                 Double Crochet 
tr                  Treble or Triple Crochet 
ss                 Slip Stitch          

Step 2: Body:

Picture of Body:
In true Amigurumi style, Crazy Chick has a much smaller Body than his head (adds to the cuteness!)

Begin with a magic ring or just chain two and work the first round into the second chain from the hook

Round 1:     Do  5sc   (5)

Round 2:     Do 2sc into each stitch below   (10)

Round 3:     [2sc into next stitch,  then do 1 sc] x5     (15)

Round 4:     [1sc, then do 2sc into next stitch]  x7  do 1 sc   (22)

Rounds 5-7:   22sc 

Round 8:     [1sc, 2sc together into next stitch]  x7   do 1sc  (15)

Round 9:     [2sc together into next stitch,  then do 1sc]  x5  (10)

Stuff the Body firmly with toy stuffing at this point

Round 10:   [2sc together into next stitch]  x5   (5)

Fasten off and leave a tail for sewing up.

bajablue3 years ago
SO Cute... and I'm pretty confident this project qualifies for Scooch's Egg Challenge,  too! ;-)

Just copy/paste the URL to this instructable into the comment section... and good luck!

It can't qualify for the egg challenge because it was posted before the contest started but I agree this is so cute.
Darn... for some reason I thought it was published the 2nd. ;-(
Moogieof4 (author)  bajablue3 years ago
Never mind, it's OK. There's plenty of other challenges another day :)
I absolutely love this, so dang cute!!
Moogieof4 (author) 3 years ago
Thanks guys for the lovely comments. On my first instructable :)
wold6303 years ago
This is so cute and I love how you set up the chick in the photos!
mouldclay3 years ago
very much
This is so adorable! I love it! And the directions look so easy to follow. Thanks for sharing.
yeah i know