Step 4: Legs:


Make two.  Each leg has 3 toes.
Begin with a base chain of 10 chain stitches.  See photo (1)

Toe 1:   Into the second chain from the hook See photo (2)do 1 hdc  See photo (3)
              Into the next chain stitch along the base chain, do 1 ss.  1st toe complete.

Toe 2:   Do 3 chain
See photo (4)
              Into the first chain of the three you just did, do 1 hdc See photo (5) & (6)
  ss into the base chain and pull tightly.  2nd toe complete.

Toe 3:   Do 3 chain 
              Into the first chain of the three you just did, do 1 hdc See photo (7)
              ss into the base chain See photo (8).  3rd toe complete.

To finish the leg,   ss   all the way along the base chain and cast off.  Tie the two ends of yarn together.


SO Cute... and I'm pretty confident this project qualifies for Scooch's<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Scoochmaroo-Challenge-eggs/" rel="nofollow"> Egg Challenge</a>, &nbsp;too! ;-)<br> <br> Just copy/paste the URL to this instructable into the comment section... and good luck!<br> <br>
It can't qualify for the egg challenge because it was posted before the contest started but I agree this is so cute.
Darn... for some reason I thought it was published the 2nd. ;-(
Never mind, it's OK. There's plenty of other challenges another day :)<br>
I absolutely love this, so dang cute!!
Thanks guys for the lovely comments. On my first instructable :)<br>Mandy
This is so cute and I love how you set up the chick in the photos!
very much
This is so adorable! I love it! And the directions look so easy to follow. Thanks for sharing.
yeah i know

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