Crazy Clown Face Paint




Introduction: Crazy Clown Face Paint

The circus comes to town with this wacky clown face paint suitable for beginners and veteran alike!

Step 1: Eyes

To start, I began with big exaggerated semicircles in white around my eyes. Then, I outlined them with black.

Step 2: Lashes

Then, I used Lagoon Blue to paint on crazy lashes across the top lid, then layered them with black for dramatic effect.

Step 3: Mouth

Then, for the mouth, I used black to draw an exaggerated curve around my own mouth, and filled it in with black and white.

Step 4: Red Nose

Then, I finished off with a red nose and black outlines around it. Plus, I filled in the rest of the mouth with more black.

Step 5: Done!

After capping it off with this curly rainbow wig, this crazy clown is ready to perform at the circus!



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