Croquet is my favorite backyard sport. It's like playing golf, but I don't have to wear those stupid pants. And it always makes me think of Alice in Wonderland. Off with her head!

***UPDATE 5/3/10:  Hey, if you make your own Crazy Croquet course and post some pictures in the comments section, I'll give you a patch!***

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Crazy Croquet requires these elements:
A backyard
Your friends
1 or 2 croquet sets (2 sets means extra wickets, balls, posts, mallets, up to 12 players)
Random scraps of things (pipes, bricks, boards, plywood, cinder blocks, large rocks)

Not necessary, but highly recommended:
Barbecued hot dogs/hamburgers
Very awesome! i have to try this... except maybe make it bigger and use golf clubs or something.
<p>I believe that would be called Put-Put :)</p>
I'd love to see the results, if you feel like posting some pics! We just set up our first course of the year yesterday, it's croquet season again!
in the soon-to-come bored days of my summer vacation, i will definitely try something!
feet looool
looool indeed.
Oh... I thought you said Crochet... lol
I was just explaining this great idea I had for "extreme croquet" to my wife last night, you know, thinking I was all clever... And dammit, I come to find out it's already been done! You are the man. I'll be working on my own course soon. I really want to have an upside-down loop, so we'll see how that goes. Rock on.
Oh, that would be awesome! If you do make a loop-the-loop, you've got to post a picture!
ya what depotdevoid said
lol. this looks so cool. 5/5 rating for you!
Thanks Kiwi!
I once wore out three or four croquet sets in one summer playing this style of the game. Sand boxes/pits/traps make an interesting terrain.
I've never tried sand pits, I'll have to do that. One time, I used a kiddie pool and a ramp, where you had to shoot the ball up the ramp and over the pool. Since the balls float, it wasn't too hard to get them out if you missed, but it certainly took a couple of extra shots, and made a big splash!
This is funny. I wish I had a backyard. Well, that I didn't share with everyone else. (:
No, that's perfect! Just get "everyone else" involved! The more the merrier!
haha, okay I'll talk my apartment manager into it ;D
This reminds me of.... MOUSE TRAP!! Mouse Trap croquet... genius.
Next time I set up one of these courses, it's definitely going to have some moving parts...
You should try the Crazy Croquet from the MacHall webcomic.
Crazy Croquet Purple Monkey Dishwasher
I don't trust that Roscodio guy. He's weird.
This game needs to involve catapults.
Oh, some day, some glorious, glorious day . . . you know, my friend Loren is a science teacher, and he tells me that he has each of his physics classes build working trebuchets, so maybe I could get him involved.
....yup....though of that a long time ago.....it was fun
Hilarious! We used to play this when I was a teenager. We called it "Ultimate Croquet" At one point the course became 100's of yards long (Around the house, under the car, Ramp jump over the sewer, down the sidewalk, navigate the jungle gym, through the sandbox, etc...) LOL! :) +1
lol thats prety sweet-- i havent played crowuet too much :O cool course though :D
Awesome! This is great! A great way to reuse old junk. It's a lot like minigolf. :D +5/5 rating and I would vote for it, but I don't see the vote button... :/
Thanks, I'm glad you like it! Voting isn't open on this contest yet, but please vote for me when it is.
Cool. I'll make sure I will. :)

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