Crazy Diaper Prank





Introduction: Crazy Diaper Prank

Perfect for April Fool's Day! It's not what you think. Play this easy and funny prank on your friends.

Watch the video for a bonus prank.

Step 1: What You Need...

1. A Diaper
2. Scissors or razor blade
3. A Glass of water
4. An Unsuspecting friend or enemy.
OPTIONAL: A cool Zildjian T-Shirt.

Step 2: Get It Ready...

Using the scissors or razor blade, cut through the liner of the diaper. Inside you will find the precious "pee-pee crystals" which is actually called Sodium Polyacrylate. Remove the cotton inside by tearing pieces of it out and placing them in a covered container. Also dump in any of the crystals you may find in the bottom of the diaper. Now shake the container real good for a while. Remove the cotton and you should end up with about a handful of crystals.

Step 3: Do the Prank...

Store the crystals in a zip lock or other small container. When you are at the restaurant or even at home, wait for your friend to leave the table or distract him long enough to dump the crystals into his glass of water. In about 20 seconds, the "pee-pee crystals" will absorb all of the water in a full glass and turn it into a solid mushy glob of rubber. Play stupid and surprised at what could possibly have happenned to the water.

BONUS: Call the waitress or manager over and ask "WTH!!???"

WARNING: Do not eat or let your friend drink from the glass. Not sure what could happen but it certainly will not be pleasant.

I hope you enjoyed this April Fool's Prank you can use all year long.



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ha zildjian shirt i love their percussive equipment

flamming hands = SPA(hydrated) layer on hands + cotton soaked in alcohol + lit match.
the stuff is able to withstand a blowtorch as long as it has a good amount of water and so would do the effect nicely.

Also, if you have a super high-speed blender (such as a vitamix) you can grind these pellets to powder. It makes the "solidifying" almost instant, so you can do the dump while they're still at the table when they just look away.

Would these crystals also work to keep moisture out your toolbox?

i have never tried that before well i geuss ill try it now sounds funny!

Don't the little poly-sorb beads/crystals come in some shoeboxes too?

 They aren't the same thing but they do the same thing. The Silica stuff you are talking about also comes in camera bags, backpacks, just about any bag really...

Be careful someone might think your drugging the prankee

just dont get pulled over, those crystals look like drugs