Introduction: Crazy Knex Car Number Three: the Cricket

This knex car is called the cricket. It looks like a cricket (sort of) and it walks like a cricket (kind of). It walks the same way as Forgotten_Memories' walking robot.

Step 1: Parts List


Grey - 16

Orange - 12

Green - 2

Purple - 4

Yellow - 2

White - 2


White - 16

Blue - 8

Yellow - 7

Red - 2


Blue Spacers - 10

Silver Spacers - 10

Y-Clips - 2

Wheels - 2

Motor - 1

Step 2: The Motor

Pic 1: Snap these on the axle.

Pic 2: Another view.

Pic 3: Add these.

Step 3: The Body

Pic 1: Add this part of the body.

Pic 2: Make four of these joints.

Pic 3: Add the joints to the back with a few blue rods.

Pic 4: Snap on the joints to the front with white and blue rods.

Pic 5: Make these eyes.

Pic 6: Snap the eyes on the front like this.

Step 4: Now You Are Done

The cricket is finished!

Turn on the motor and it will slowly walk away from you.


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