This Knex car is called the Spinner because is spins in circles.

This car only works on a slick floor.

Step 1: The Parts List


Grey - 3

Yellow - 2

White - 2


Green - 1

Blue - 2

Yellow - 2

Red - 1


Gears (Medium or Large) - 2

Wheels (One With A Tire And One Without) - 2

Grey Motor - 1

Tan Clips - 4

Step 2: The Back

Pic 1: Make the back axle.

Pic 2: Add the wheels.

Pic 3: Snap on a grey connector here.

Step 3: Front

Pic 1: Add the front part.

Pic 2: Snap on the front axles.

Pic 3: Slide the wheel with a tire onto the blue bar and lock it in place with a tan clip.

Pic 4: Slide the wheel without a tire onto the bar.

Step 4: Your Done!

Your finished with your car.

Set it on a slippery surface and watch it spin.

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Bio: I build mostly with knex, but sometimes I build other things. If you vote for me, I will be very glad.
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