Picture of Crazy Love Knit Bunny Slippers

I made these little bunny slippers for Valentines Day for my 2 year old granddaughter. Materials I used include a thick pink yarn for the main body and ears, a normal red/maroon variegated yarn for the tail, nose, eyelashes and trim, white buttons with red pupils hand-painted on them. I used number 9 knitting needles for a gauge of about 4 stitches or 7 rows equaling about 1 inch. I also used a tapestry needle to sew the parts together. The slippers measured about 5 inches long when completed.

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Step 1: Begin by Casting On Stitches

Picture of Begin by Casting On Stitches

Begin by casting on 23 stitches and leave about a ten to twelve inch tail to sew the heel when finished. (If using regular yarn, I suggest you use double strands). I cast on by making a loop and then adding the next loop to the needle.

Step 2: Knitting the Body of the Bunny Slipper

Picture of Knitting the Body of the Bunny Slipper

Row 1: Knit 7 stitches, Purl 1, Knit 7 stitches, Purl 1, and Knit remaining 7 stitches.

Row 2: Knit across.

Repeat these two rows until piece measures about 3 1/2 inches and ending with row 2. This row pattern will make a three section slipper.

Step 3: Toe Shaping

Picture of Toe Shaping

Toe Shaping: Continue with number 9 knitting needles.

Rows 1, 3, and 5: Purl 1, Knit 1, and continue across.

Rows 2 and 4: Knit 1, and Purl 1 repeat across.

Row 6: Purl 2 together across, ending with Purl 1--12 stitches.

Row 7: Knit 2 together across--6 stitches.

Row 8: Purl 2 together across--3 stitches.

Cut yarn, leaving about a ten to twelve inch tail. Thread through tapestry needle and run through remaining stitches. Using the tail to stitch the top seam and the other tail to sew the heel seam.

Those are adorable!

mjbell2 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
Thank you...I actually think they remind me of baby mad hatters!