Crazy Mouse is a computer mouse that runs away when you are going to catch it!

Making this mouse is very easy: a light sensor detects the shadow of hand on the mouse and activates a timer that turns on a motor for about a second and the motor makes mouse running.
If you want to make your own mouse read the rest of this instructable.

Step 1: Things You Need

To make the circuit board you need the followings:
  -Copper Boards
  -Printed Circuit (Find files on next step)
  -22k Resistor
  -47uF Electrolyte Capacitor
  -TIP122 Transistor
  -555 IC
  -10k Potentiometer
  -Some Wire
  -Soldering Iron
  -Soldering Wire
  -Circuit Boards Acid
  -Paper Tape
  -Wire Cutter
  -1mm Drill
To make the mouse you need the followings:
  -Old Computer Mouse
  -Small Motor
  -4 AA Batteries
  -A piece of Rubber Tube
  -1N4148 Diode
  -0.1uF Ceramic Capacitor (104)
  -Soldering Iron
  -Soldering Wire
  -Some Wire
  -Some Tools
Definitely try USB&nbsp;power!&nbsp;I'd reccomend using perhaps a few USB&nbsp;plugs, such as in the attached picture (USB&nbsp;powered grill)<br /> <br />
sorry, forgot to click &quot;upload&quot; ;)<br />
how long does it take to cook something on that
&nbsp;Hahaha, a normal grill would cost cheaper/look better? Fun stuff
I should have mentioned, this isn't my picture, I'm not exactly sure whose it is, (I've seen it multiple places) <br />
It's not mine, it's just something I remember from a while back. should've mentioned that...<br /> <br /> anyways, if you want to power it with just the computer, it CAN be done ;)<br />
&nbsp;lol did you get the extra usb cards just for this? sweeet
If you have a USB port on your computer, you could power the mouse thinger off USB power. USB supplies 5 Volts, but you could make the right adjustments easily I think.<br><br>I have a USB REAL mouse, so it would make sense for me to make the mouse that way I think.
Yay! I completed this as my first &quot;from scratch&quot; board... it works, but only if you keep the circuit board near your body... take it away from your body, and it doesn't work... very strange. I did have to switch the tip122 with a tip120 as that was all I could find, and I used a 470uf cap instead of a 47... did I go too big on the cap?
Check your board carefully there may be some short circuits or loss of connections.......
you used IR&nbsp;LED + IR&nbsp;photodetector or ir detector only?
None of them.<br /> I used one simple photocell, it is not IR.
<p>Only way it would get any better is with a loud &quot;squeak&quot;&nbsp;recording and if it acclerated faster, so it just LEAPS away from the person's hand. Hmmmm my engineering prof. always leaves his door wide open when he is away.....</p>
That's the craziest idea I've seen so far for a mouse. Good one! ;)<br />
You've come up with a great project!!<br /> <br /> If you want longer battery life, try the new <a href="http://www.customsiliconsolutions.com/products-for-ASIC-solutions/standard-IC-products.aspx" rel="nofollow">CSS555 </a>micropower timer.&nbsp;&nbsp; It is pin compatible with the venerable 555's, but uses far less power.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br />
i have a 9 volt motor as far as i can tell i should be able to run the board of a 9 volt batery. is this ok?
You can use a 9V battery.<br /> 555 IC works correctly with 9V battery.<br /> But you <em>may</em> need to optimize potentiometer value. (see the last step)
thanks for the help
This is a sweet project with huge potential.&nbsp; I love it and if I get the chance to clean up my personal shop ( little space wifey allows me to have).&nbsp;&nbsp; I wil make this to mess with my nephews who love to play games on my puter lol.&nbsp; Thanks a ton for this, plus it's a koo 555 ic timer project that could be used for tons of stuff.<br />
Sounds cool but is way beyond my level of computer parts and stuff
I LOVE IT!!! It would be a good prank for April's Fool!!!!!<br />
You COULD use USB power simply by adding a SERIES resistor to the USB voltage to LIMIT the amperage going to the mouse.&nbsp; That voltage would slowly charge a capacitor inside the mouse.&nbsp; Because the motor only runs a couple seconds, the capacitor could supply that. Then when the mouse stops,&nbsp; the capacitor would start charging again.&nbsp; Even if you held the mouse down and stopped mouse from &quot;running&quot;... the motor amperage would increase but could not exceed what the current-limiting resistor is supplying.&nbsp; so your USB port will be safe in all instances.
put a speaker in there and an amp circuit to scare the living shi* out of them.<br />
haha, brilliant idea, you should definitely have video responses of when people try to use it, maybe also make like a mouse that screeches when someone goes to near to it lol. Good job<br />
LMMFAO!&nbsp; I love the screeching idea.<br /> <br /> &quot;EEK!&quot; *scurry away*
I forwarded this to a friend who is in uni right now, so in the near future there might be a classroom with a couple of haunted mice... =P<br />
<p>nice you need to make it usb powered</p>
You can do it but if the motor gets more than 0.5A electric current from your USB port your main board will be damaged. Because of this I recommend batteries or a fuse.
yay resistors!<br /> <br /> you should find a faster motor... it only works on absent-minded people.<br />
&nbsp;Very nice.
This is really funny .. it's a gopd way to bug my boss!<br /> Thanks for sharing!!!<br />

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