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Introduction: Crazy Numbers Clock

This wacky numbers clock is what I chose to make for the gift exchange.  I followed the methods laid out in fungus amungus's instructions in Make a Cut-Out Valentine's Day Card to lay out the numbers in Illustrator.  I used several different fonts and sizes for the numbers, and made some into outlines for an eclectic look.  Then I used the Epilog laser cutter to cut it out of 1/4" acrylic.

I designed some clock hands and cut them out of 1/4" mirrored acrylic.  I attached these to a store-bought clock mechanism, and used washers cut out of the same acrylic to keep the hands spaced apart.  I finished off the hands with another circle cut out of mirrored acrylic, and offset from center to add to the lopsided feeling of the finished piece.

I hope Gorfram enjoys her new clock!  I sure had fun making it :D



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    Does any one have the files for this, its really awesome.

    please upload the dxf file

    Did you ever upload the DXF files? I would sure like to try this with my new Zing 16

    Love your clock. And I do have a Epilog Laser, all I need is the layout file.

    Can you supply the cut file for this project?

    Thank you ...... Ron "The SignGuy"

    Great job I bet Gorfram will be really happy about this :)

    Any chance we could get a design template? (or a flat picture with size marks?) I would really like to make this for my sister.

    I don't have a lasercutter but I think I can do it with MDF plate, drills and a saw.

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    I'll work on writing up a proper instructable, this time with downloadable templates:)

    Thanks scooch :) Looking forward to it!

    I'd suggest baltic birth plywood over MDF. It'll cut much better, finish nicer, and is stronger at that thickness.

    Please can you upload the .dxf file please so those of us also cool enough to have laser cutters can play? :D

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    Nice! I love the result with some of the numbers just an outline, but others are completely filled in.

    Thats it Jayefuu, I am heading up to use the laser cutter!