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This wacky numbers clock is what I chose to make for the gift exchange.  I followed the methods laid out in fungus amungus's instructions in Make a Cut-Out Valentine's Day Card to lay out the numbers in Illustrator.  I used several different fonts and sizes for the numbers, and made some into outlines for an eclectic look.  Then I used the Epilog laser cutter to cut it out of 1/4" acrylic.

I designed some clock hands and cut them out of 1/4" mirrored acrylic.  I attached these to a store-bought clock mechanism, and used washers cut out of the same acrylic to keep the hands spaced apart.  I finished off the hands with another circle cut out of mirrored acrylic, and offset from center to add to the lopsided feeling of the finished piece.

I hope Gorfram enjoys her new clock!  I sure had fun making it :D


rsomai (author)2014-03-06

Does any one have the files for this, its really awesome.

lilostamb (author)2012-10-22

please upload the dxf file

bferneau (author)2012-02-26

Did you ever upload the DXF files? I would sure like to try this with my new Zing 16

signguy.ron (author)2011-06-05

Love your clock. And I do have a Epilog Laser, all I need is the layout file.

Can you supply the cut file for this project?

Thank you ...... Ron "The SignGuy"

MichelMoermans (author)2010-08-11

Great job I bet Gorfram will be really happy about this :)

Any chance we could get a design template? (or a flat picture with size marks?) I would really like to make this for my sister.

I don't have a lasercutter but I think I can do it with MDF plate, drills and a saw.

I'll work on writing up a proper instructable, this time with downloadable templates:)

Thanks scooch :) Looking forward to it!

jeff-o (author)MichelMoermans2010-08-12

I'd suggest baltic birth plywood over MDF. It'll cut much better, finish nicer, and is stronger at that thickness.

Jayefuu (author)2010-08-12

Please can you upload the .dxf file please so those of us also cool enough to have laser cutters can play? :D

scoochmaroo (author)Jayefuu2010-08-12


Kryptonite (author)2010-08-11

Nice! I love the result with some of the numbers just an outline, but others are completely filled in.

gmjhowe (author)2010-08-11

Thats it Jayefuu, I am heading up to use the laser cutter!

Ninzerbean (author)2010-08-10


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