Make your own easy crazy putty.

All you need is:
•Crazy sand, any color

Step 1: Putty

take a small handful of crazy sand and place it on a napkin. Add a bit of glue to th sand.

Step 2: Knead

Knead the sand and glue until sand is almost completely stuck together. If this does not happen slowly add more glue until it is ready.
You may want to wash your hands because of the glue on them.

Step 3: Done

Your putty is finished. If you found this instructibles helpful or you enjoyed it please like and vote for it. You may try this same process with any color of crazy sand. Thank you!
<p>does it work!!!</p>
Can it dry out
<p>if you leave it out irt will dry so keep in in a contaner.</p>
Is crazy sand the same as kinetic sand?
<p>actually I have not tried this experiment with kinetic sand but I can imagine it would work fine.</p>

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