Introduction: Crazy Rocket With Wheels and a Secret Compartment

Space is not the limit!

With Crazy Rocket with Wheels and a Secret Compartment play is only limited by imagination. With a secret compartment to hide the treasures from space, Crazy Rocket with Wheels and a Secret Compartment is a versatile toy: flies like a rocket and runs like a car! Unscrew the nose and hide the most valuable treasure inside!

Step 1: Print It With Style

A 3D printer is a wonderful tool, and it will help A LOT in this project.

Tune you 3D printer and start the printing process.

Every pieces needed for this project are 3D printed.

You should try different colors in each group of pieces. It will make your Crazy Rocket with Wheels and a Secret Compartment more colorful. In other words, more catchy for kids.

For the wheels print it in flexible filament, if you don't have flexible filament there is an extra file named “tires_with clearance_Crazy_Rocket_With_Wheels” that have an extra clearance (if needed).

0,15mm layer height
1mm exterior wall

15% infill

100% infill for the rims (and a strong plastic)

No supports needed.

Step 2: Assemble

To assemble you only need to follow the picture above (schematics).

Step 3: Ready for Fun!

Ready to have fun with it?

Remember the secret compartment and use it. It can be a real secret only for the maker and his kid ;)

Thank you, and have fun!


analine2 (author)2017-05-04

Cute little toy, I like it. :)

Pikitote (author)analine22017-05-04

Thank you!:)

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