Crazy Star Cube !





Introduction: Crazy Star Cube !



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    This is called a Yoshimoto Cube or Double Star Flexicube. Free templates at math OR Google mathmunch Yoshimoto Cube. :D

    THIS IS CALLED A "DOUBLE STAR FLEXI CUBE"That was just for your beep! info!

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    your template is very small. I already started. My thumb is bigger than a piece, so it is hard to build.

    Nooo! I ran out of tape!!

    Here is a template:

    Star Cube.jpg

    hey golics i would appreciate a sort of template .....please
    Here. A photoshop file with pen work so that you can expand it or reduce it to any size... I also added tabs to use with Glue instead of tape, because when i do it with tape, it gets pretty ugly in the end....

    This paper toy is much cooler than mine, but mine is much easier to make.

    I have tries this so many times..and so many negatives. i cant do this. ive wasted enought paper. HHHHHHHHH! PLEASE HELP ME DO THIS! SLOW DOWN THE VIDEO! ANYTHING... i realy want to do this...

    Wow! I love your uploaded things. I've watched so many! Thanks for sharing... This one is definietly my favourite :o) It's so cool

    iv seen this before in a book but it didnt use tape

    omg im not good at math! im not good at measuring! (so, i can't make like that)

    nice vid but can u have instructables. ur going to fast for me to start folding evrything.

    it is awesome thanks