Introduction: Crazy Focus Pictures (with an SLR)

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Do a sweet picture effect that's quick, easy, and free.

Step 1: Lighting

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get a nice spot with a lot of light, and grab a tripod.

(you don't need a tripod, but it helps a lot.)

Step 2: Shutter Speed.

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what you need to do is get a long shutter speed, but not too slow or else it will look really blurry.

For the clear picture i had the shutter speed at 8 seconds at F 25

Step 3: Zooming

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zoom in, hit the shutter release, when the shutter opens zoom out slowly.

for this picture i did a faster shutter speed

You just need to play with it to get the correct exposure.


AngryRedhead (author)2010-01-07
I saw this a couple days ago and decided to mess around with the effect today.  It's pretty tricky stuff.  Here are a couple that came out all right.
PKM (author)2008-09-11

I played with this effect a while back- if you zoom out in quick jumps with a pause in between you get a multiple exposure effect more than just radial blurring- try it on someone's face and you get this weird "psychic scream" sort of look :) I would post but I'm not going to post pictures of my friends without asking them, and don't have an SLR to take some of anonymous inanimate objects.

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