Crazy hat with earflaps! With glow in the dark highlights!

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Picture of Crazy hat with earflaps! With glow in the dark highlights!
This hat is inspired by my desire to have a hat that is both practical and fun! It is fur lined, and has pockets at the ears to keep money, lip balm, even those little hand warmer things for REALLY cold days! As an added bonus, it glows in the dark. Let me repeat that. IT GLOWS IN THE DARK :)
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Here are the things that you will need in order to complete this project...

A sewing machine (one that can do a straight stitch and a zig zag stitch)


Straight Pins and Hand Sewing Needles

Thread (conventional AND glow in the dark thread--this can be found at any local fabric store, and comes in an array of colors)

3 fabric choices
       Fabric A (1/4 yd) is an outer fabric that will make up the ear flaps
       Fabric B (1/2 yd) is a contrasting outer fabric that will create pockets etc...
       Fabric C (1/2 yd)  is a lining fabric (I chose a faux fur because it is soft, warm and doesn't make me feel  guilty about wearing thumper on my head)

2 matching buttons

Matching yarn

Paper for making a pattern (I just used computer paper)


An iron (preferably one with steam)

Derpstra2 years ago
How do you download the pattern? :/
artorange3 years ago
I couldn't let this through , I'm getting to work , next winter awaits :D
Most Excellent! :0)
Very Cute!
This hat is AMAZING! I need to make it!
This is going to be so much fun - I got my 3 fabrics, glow in the dark thread, variegated thread, and some cool buttons. I think I will omit the flower embellishments, but add buttons to the pockets, and possibly shorten the ear flaps for mine. Wish me luck!
Awesome! I'm going to make this 4 sewing class. About how long did this take you to make?
Hi! It took about 4 hours to construct, with another 30 min to cut. The more elaborate your glow in the dark work, the longer that step will take! Enjoy the project!
AnaLou4 years ago
I like that you have included pockets on your hat. Very cool!
nkneuwirth5 years ago
 This is very cool and creative project.  I might have to try this sometime soon.
canida5 years ago
Wow, neat - and with glow in the dark thread!  I need to get some of that.
And I have the same Bernina machine at home.