Crazy Paper Cylinder





Introduction: Crazy Paper Cylinder

Step 1: Make 8 Pieces Like This.

You have to make 8 pieces like this .
Use thick paper and tape bound.

Step 2: Connect Them.

Connect them the way you see on pic. Use tape bound.

Step 3: Now Enjoy.

Now ready to play. Enjoy your crazy cylinder.



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    Absolutely positively awesomely awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How do you fold it and tape it!?

    WOW!! Its cool but i coulden't understand how to fold it into the little 8 peices someone help me?

    how come your hand is cut off in the 3rd and 4th pictures

    1 reply

    its a pic on a pic. lol

    Is it possible to print out this template?Please tell me.

    yes just copy and paste to your pictures folder and write click and press print

    wow! your instructables are amazing! I am also going to try to make all of them!

    Your Instructables are INSANE! I am working on making all of them. Do you have a guide you got for all of them or did you think them all up on your own?

    dude i did it for my school project too for what math?;)

    lil dude i suggest using metal hinges thats your best bet

    1 reply

    we tried everything that we could and it turned out that some duck tape works the best. It makes a great toy (I even used it in one of my school projects) and I think it is much easier to make than a paper one.

    my dad and I are going to make one from wood does anyone have suggestions of how to bind the wood together?

    1 reply

    Well lil dude ive seen the basic square ones of these in stores, and it seams like a stiff paper hing, like glued on but also goes all over the pieces, and then you can paint it too.

    WOW! O_O i can't do that

    i love the thing you made at the end but the thing was hard and confusing to make you dudnt say the points and went to fast slow down and explain what your doing.

    Can you like make a template that has a few of the shapey things needed on one page?

    1 reply

    I just made one...check my comment at the top