Step 5: Water

Cover corn layer in water.  About three gallons!
Good one Mate - over here in New Zealand we use the old stainless steel beer kegs as a portable &quot;HANGI&quot;, you can also buy 3 tier ones. Have you tried wrapping the sweet-corn in aluminium-foil and placing it on top of the other vegetables?? .<br>ps Hangi - is the traditional method of cooking used by the Maori of New Zealand.
<p>spent 3 or 4 months with a Maori family in papa Kura . One of the best times of my life.</p>
<p>bad move, it's a galvanized can with a sketchy solder on the seams. both are bad when you ad heat to them. get a stainless one from Lehman's. better safe then sorry</p>
In Maine we use a giant pit, several large stones (no snickering now), seaweed, and slightly different ingredients: http://is.gd/TmUVJT
That looks delicious!<br>If creamery cans are scarce, try one of these... http://www.ruralking.com/can-cooker.html I dont know where to find plastic mesh cooking baks, though.
Milk cans are hard to find,and are not cheap around these parts when you do,but this looks like a fine way to cook.
Wow - so that is how it's done! Invite me next time you have one! :)

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