Picture of Cream Cheese Croissant Dessert

This is a wonderfully quick and easy to make dessert. Everyone will love it. Great for potlucks and parties. Approximate time to make: 30 min. May require a quick trip to your local grocery store. ALLERGY WARNING: CONTAINS MILK.

NOTE: High altitudes will alter cooking time. Plan accordingly

Step 1: Ingredients and Materials

Picture of Ingredients and Materials
@ 2 pkg. (8 Oz.) Softened Cream Cheese
@ 2 pkg. Croissant rolls
@ 2/3 cup of sugar
@ 1 tbsp. Vanilla

@ 1 tbsp. cinnamon
@ 1/2 cup sugar
@ 1/4 cup softened (melted works better) butter

Other Materials:
@ Oven
@ Medium and Large Sized Bowl
@ Wax Paper
@ 13x9 Baking Dish
@ Beater
@ 2/3 cup, 1 dry tbsp. and 1 wet tbsp., 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup
yum :)
MonkeyBoy3217 (author)  dylanrichards3 years ago
Finally someone appreciates my dessert!
are you from america
MonkeyBoy3217 (author)  dylanrichards3 years ago
umm yea? why
im british
MonkeyBoy3217 (author) 4 years ago
So if you vote for me ill let you make this at home! Then you can really enjoys its wonderfulness. :)