Cream Cheese Mints or Candies

Picture of Cream Cheese Mints or Candies
Cream Cheese Mints or Candies

This is a slightly unusual but super easy use for Cream Cheese

This instructable will take you through how to make Cream Cheese mints.
In the last step I will go over how to switch up the ingredients to make candies.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need

4oz or half a cup Cream Cheese 
1 Tablespoon of Unsalted Butter 
3-5 Cups of Powdered/Confectioners Sugar
Food Colouring
Regular granulated sugar
2-5 drops of Peppermint oil


Cookie cutters
Paper towels
Small Paint Brush ( that has not been used for paint)
Silicon baking mat or parchment paper
baking trays

Step 2: Mix butter, cream cheese and peppermint oil

Picture of Mix butter, cream cheese and peppermint oil
Take butter and cream cheese and put them in a bowl with the peppermint oil

You will need to wait till they are softened so that you can work them with a fork.
If you have just removed them from the fridge or are too impatient to wait for the
natural melting process, then just blast them in the microwave for 30 seconds.
Do not over blast because you will liquefy the butter and then have to put it back in
the fridge and wait for it to chill again

Once the butter and cream cheese is soft enough you will need to mash them
together with a fork until they are well Incorporated

Step 3: Add sugar

Picture of Add sugar
Take a sieve and put it over the bowl - sieve the sugar over the butter and cream cheese mix.
After each cup of sugar mix with a fork 

Commonly asked question


*my answer
NO, but although powdered/confectioners sugar is sold in powder form it retains the unique
and irritating ability to create tiny lumps which is a total downer for the texture of your mints/candies
or any other recipe where you use this kind of sugar. So NO YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIEVE the sugar
but you have been warned
Corinbw3 months ago

This is a great instructable. It reminds me of the good old days. And we always used butter flavoring almond flavoring and rum flavoring. I highly recommend the butter flavoring. Those are a hit.

Corinbw3 months ago

I make these a lot except I use mold for every one and I roll a ball of it in sugar before pressing it into the mold

Mr_Ichey1232 years ago
if u want can u add extra flavoring by adding more drops
Mr_Ichey1232 years ago
This uses super simple ingredients and is a great recipe and it is awesome
manan32 years ago
i did try it n it was awesome thanx BTW only the adults had ur version in my party they loved it, me n my friends stuck 2 the original version
xoxo :)
love4pds2 years ago
Have you ever used this recipe as a fondant on cakes?
manan32 years ago
an idea for good flavoring? anyone?
plz help
love4pds manan32 years ago
Real dark Jamaican rum and blueberry compote, SOOO good in my frosting so I bet it would be great in these. The rum would still have the alcohol content, since it doesn't get cooked. So this is an adult version. Haven't tried it but I bet you could replace the butter or cream cheese with the compote?
paganwonder3 years ago
Very cool recipe! (I'm sorry you have to work on a yacht and be a SCUBA instructor, maybe some day you will be able to get a job in an office or factory ;D)
kenchato3 years ago
Looks Great!
i want try one! exelent for gifts.
final.demand (author)  kenchato3 years ago
I wrap them in clear plastic then lay them out on the guest bed's . Its a nice personal touch but some times people think they are bath soaps ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
That could be a sweet bath, mmmmmm xD
i can't find Peppermint oil D:
canucksgirl3 years ago
They look lovely. Very pretty picture. :D
final.demand (author)  canucksgirl3 years ago
Thanks sugar xxx I hope they taste as good as they look.
Beautiful! I'm really curious how these taste! I really want to try making them.
final.demand (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
They are really easy to make, melt in the mouth sensations - GO GO GO