A fairly easy recipe, though it can take a while. But be careful, they are addicting!

Step 1: Prepare Jalipeños

You will need the same number of peppers as slices of bacon. 20 peppers is a good number.
Cut the bacon strips in half.
Cut off the stems then cut the jalipenos in half lengthwise and remove all the seeds. This is very important unless you like them volcano hot.
I'm glad you didn't add a picture of the final cooked product because I might have eaten my monitor.<br><br>These look tasty and they are low carb. and gluten free!
I was just wondering why this instructable only has 1600 views after 20 months. I think it might be your spelling of &quot;Jalape&ntilde;o&quot; that's throwing people's searches off.
If you happen to get a random knock at your door it will be me looking for some of these! Can't wait to make em'.
I love this recipe. I have made these for years without the cream cheese and using whole peppers hollowed with a paring knife. can't wait to try it this way. Just as an FYI, its not the seeds that make Jalapenos and other peppers hot. The capsaicin develops in the white veins and membrane inside the peppers. The seeds are hot because they grow in this membrane.

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