Introduction: Cream Pudding With Chocolate Sauce (Eggless)

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This an easy to make dessert recipe for a Dinner party or anything. Egg less version of the chocolate sauce is used here. This dessert can be made few hours or even a day ahead and refrigerated. So if catering for a party it saves lot of time.

Step 1: Ingredients

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For Cream Pudding:

Milk - 1.5 cups

Gelatine - 2 Tbsp

Sugar - 1/3 cup

Light or Heavy Cream - 1.5 Cup

Corn Flour - 1.5 to 2.5 Tbsp

Vanilla Essence - 1.5 Tsp

For Egg less Chocolate Sauce:

Water - 3/4 Cup

Sugar - 1/2 Cup

Milk - 3 Tbsp

Cocoa Powder - 1/4 cup

Cornflour Syrup - 2 Tbsp

Chocolate - 3 Square pieces

Vanilla Extract - 1 Tsp

Butter - 1 Tsp


Crushed Chikki (Optional)

Step 2: For Cream Pudding - Bloom Gelatine

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To the Cold milk add Gelatine and keep for 10 minutes till it blooms.

Step 3: Whip Cream and Powder Sugar

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Powder the sugar. Lightly whip the cream with a beater.

Step 4: Boil

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Boil the cream and sugar till it becomes warm and just boiling enough. ( Do not over boil it). Add Corn Flour and Vanilla essence. Boil till Creamy (lightly) and not too thick texture. Add milk and gelatin. Keep on low heat.

Pour it into a Dish of desired shape. You can even use ramekins.

Step 5: Refrigerate the Pudding

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Keep it in the refrigerator till set. It will take about 1.5 hours.

Step 6: Chocolate Sauce - First Step

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Boil Water and sugar till the sugar is dissolved. Add milk. Keep on low flame. Add cocoa powder to the mix.

Step 7: Chocolate and Corn Flour Syrup

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Add the Chocolate piece and let it melt. Add Corn Flour Syrup and keep mixing continuously to prevent lump formation.

Step 8: Serve

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When Serving remove the pudding from the fridge and pour the chocolate sauce over it. You can use any topping you like.

I have used chikki as locally called in India as my topping. You can use crushed praline, Jam sauce or any other topping as you wish.


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