Step 1: Getting Started - Creamed honey facts

Contrary to popular belief, creamed honey is not whipped.  It is actually crystalized.  The difference between creamed honey and the nasty, gritty honey that you find in your pantry after having neglected your honey for several months is the size of the crystals.  Creamed honey has tiny, silky, smooth crystals.

You can determine the size of the crystals in your honey by providing a pattern or "starter."  The easiest way to get a good starter is to buy your favorite creamed honey.  Once you have that, you can make endless gallons of creamed honey.

One really cool advantage of creamed honey is that it is already crystalized, so it will never get all nasty and gritty, even if you loose it in your pantry for a few years.

For those who prefer visual explanations, you can see the process in this video.