Picture of Creamy Dill Dip
All vegetables taste better when covered in this easy dip.

Step 1: Mix base

Picture of Mix base
Combine the following:

~2c sour cream
~1/2c mayonnaise
2-10 cloves garlic, grated

Mix and taste. The base should taste mellow, slightly sweet, with a little garlic bite.
bluejewel4 years ago
i love this type of dips and salsas :)
thanks for another one :)
i will try it soon ^^
girlcousin4 years ago
I think i'll try greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise because I really don't like any sweet in my savory. I grow my own dill, so I have it coming out my ears! Thanks for another way to use it!
westfw8 years ago
Hmm. Care to try for an "onion dip" reMake that isn't so salty as the Lipton Soup recipe (more the dried onion and beef bullion "homebrew") I'm not even sure what it should taste like, but it has to go with chips...
canida (author)  westfw8 years ago
I've made a version before that was pretty good. As I recall, it involved Worchestershire sauce, scallions, finely minced/grated onions, and some extra-finely grated parmesan. A bit of buttermilk would probably help. Next time I'll experiment and let you know what we come up with- maybe New Year's.