This instructable shows to make a cocktail with a floating cream top.  While drinking, sip the juice cocktail through the cream top.  The taste of this cocktail is like a nutty pear pudding, and because this is a mixed drink with such a heavy fruit juice, you definitely do not need expensive liquors/liqueurs.  I show how to make a single drink, and it is a fair amount of work for a single drink.  However, this would be a great finishing dessert drink for a party or just to show off a fancy, tasty cocktail to your friends.  At the end, I provide directions on how to make this for 4 people.  This is far from being healthy and should be treated as more of a dessert than a beverage you'll continue to drink all night although it is quite tempting.  It's sweet and creamy but packs a punch.  I came up with the name based on the inclusion of brandy (re: plum pudding), pear juice, and cream.

Note:  I've done this recipe with the idea that not everyone knows a four count pour, doesn't have a Boston shaker, etc. but still has enough kitchen gear to be able to make this drink.

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

-1 pony (1 oz or 2 tbsps) White Brandy
-1 jigger (1.5 oz or 3 tbsps) Amaretto
-Pear Juice (3-4 oz or 1/3-1/4 cup)
-1/8 tsp (or a few drops) Vanilla
-1/4 cup Heavy Cream
-White Chocolate
-Ice (not shown)

-Collins or a Highball Glass
-Large Glass (for chilling)
-Soup Spoon
-Vegetable Peeler
-Liquid Measuring Cup
-Jigger/Pony Combo (or tbsp/tsp set)
-Long stirring spoon/swizzel (or a butter knife)

jigger = <br>pony = <br>It's not very instructional if you use jargon.
jigger = <br>pony = <br>It's not really instructional if you use jargon.
&nbsp;This is somewhat reminiscent of Lemoncello. I'll try it!
How do you mean?&nbsp; I'm only heard of lemoncello/limoncello as a liqueur sometimes used on cocktails (or, if you're me, a big glug of it in a diet coke). <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
&nbsp;It sounds very potent and somewhat syrupy. Lemoncello is like that too. They also have Orangecello. You might call this Pearcello.
It is pretty potent and sweet.&nbsp; Normally when I drink pear juice, without booze, I thin it with water (1 pear: 3 water) which would help make this drink less syrupy, but it's such a small drink that I figured it wasn't necessary.&nbsp; It's still a consideration if you didn't want it so sweet.<br /> <br /> I could give directions on a &quot;diet&quot; version of the drink.&nbsp; Do you think that would be helpful? <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
I was thinking the very same thing about your photographs, I would tend to think that you either&nbsp;are a photographer, or you really SHOULD&nbsp;be.&nbsp; Hm, I was also thinking the same thing about the drink that Frollard said: Looking forward to trying it!&nbsp; :-)&nbsp; It looks deee-lish!<br /> <br /> Pj
I've been trying out responses and keep wanting to insert some &quot;but&quot;s, so I'll just say that it's very sweet of you to say that because it's a bit rude to argue with such a lovely compliment.&nbsp; Thank you.&nbsp; Let me know what you think about the drink when you try it out! <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Loving your photos. Very well composed. And tasty sounding drink!<br />
Awwwww, shucks...&nbsp; cheers! <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Excellent drink - look forward to trying it!<br />
Yay!&nbsp; Definitely let me know what you think! <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>

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