By adding simple visualizations to winamp you can create amazing light effects that are astonishing to the eye.

Items needed:

Laptop ( Preferably ) or Desktop
Smoke/Fog Machine

Step 1: Prepare Your Computer

Picture of Prepare Your Computer
I. If you have not already go to www.winamp.com and download the latest version on winamp.

II. Now download the visualizations pack that I created ( Download Below) and extract into the " \winamp\plugins\avs\ " directory

III. Restart Winamp

IV. After importing your songs navigate to view -> visualizations

V. Disable " Randomly Change Visualizations " in the lower left hand corner ( A small arrow with 123 inside )

VI. Right click on any part of the visualization and navigate to Trance Avs and select any of the visuals.

This is the most basic form of laser visual and will provide some nice sure fire visuals to provide a stunning light show.

Very Cool!
sk83r225 years ago
Where is the visualization pack?!?! also is there a way to record the visualization without screen recorders? like saving the visulization?
didibemi6 years ago
I tried it before you have wroten it! I was not with mine fog machine so it did not worked! I downloaded some youtube videos and puted there! It woked perfectly. Try searching at youtube "laser show" Wonderful idea!
benthekahn7 years ago
Hmm. What of i used a movie editor to make a bunch of colored dots or lines on a black black ground and projected that?
Jixz (author) 7 years ago
hmm, sorry winamp moved the link.. here the new one:

rajarshi7 years ago
i don't find ur plugin. the only link is for strobes.
Really cool.
Agreed with Radical Dreamer, this is another Instructable that you know you could have done, but somebody beat you.
Awesome Instructable!
Nice work, this is one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" kinda things. Good job.