Ideal for Spring, this gorgeously versatile cardigan is lightweight with a stylish draped open front.
This is amazing! I love all your stuff, but this one knocked me down completely! Great job! :)
Can you include the measurements? Its hard to just eye it and get it right. Also, what type of fabric are you using?
Actually, I made this last month and have worn it 4 times without a hitch:) It's an easy way to quickly change your look! Love your stuff, Giannyl.
Hola! qu&eacute; tipo de tela usaste y qu&eacute; cantidad, para tener un estimado...<br /> Gracias!<br />
the only problem with something like this is that it will fail to stay on the shoulders properly without proper stabilizers.&nbsp; I tried this method in making a draped wrap, but of course gravity had its effect on my design so I had to change it.&nbsp; This is a really good idea if you are wanting to use it for pictures and not practicality.&nbsp; It would be upsetting to use such a large piece of fabric without knowing this first.&nbsp; Like I said - CUTE idea though!<br />

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