Introduction: EZ-EL Wire Bicycle Designs Step-By-Step Tutorial!

What's great about EL Wire is that it's great for making any design you want. Especially on objects with spokes, like bicycle wheels or wheelchairs, the wire makes it very fun and enjoyable to make. On my bike, I wove a square and a circle design on the wheels. It was really easy, and it looks AWESOME at night when the wheels are actually spinning. Check it out!

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1. 1 10' Blue EL Wire
2. 1 10' White EL Wire
3. 1 25' Blue EL Wire
4. Wire cutter
5. Tape
6. Zip ties

Step 1: Designing/Planning

For this particular design, the front wheel has a square design and the back wheel has a weaving design within the spokes of the wheel. You can create your own designs for your bikes' wheels.

Step 2: Attach the Circle Design on Back Wheel

After you've created your designs:
A. Attach the extension cable to the inverter and secure the inverter in the center of the wheel. This will be your starting point.
B. Let the extension cable reach the rim of the wheel and start following your pattern from your design.
C. For this weaving design, insert the 25' Blue EL Wire through each spoke of the wheel, creating a continuous "S" design throughout the circumference of the wheel.
D. When the first weave reaches full circle, start weaving the same wire in an opposite "S" direction between of each spoke of the wheel to achieve the "weave" effect.
E. When the second weave reaches full circle again, use a wire cutter to snip off the excess wire.
F. Zip tie or tape down the end of the wire to the bike.

Step 3: Attaching the Square Design on Front Wheel

A. As the same with the circle design, start the pattern with the inverter attached to the extension cable and secure the inverter to the center of the wheel.
B. Let the extension cable reach the rim of the wheel and start your design.
C. For this square design, extend the 10' wire to form the 1st corner of the square.
D. Use a zip tie to secure the corner in a 90 degree angle.
E. Continue this process until the square is complete with the wire ending where it began, resulting in a square shape.
F. Snip off the excess wire with a wire cutter.
G. Zip tie or tape down the end of the wire to the bike.

Step 4: Attaching the Body Design

A. Connect the inverter to the wire and use zip ties to secure the inverter underneath the frame of the bike.
B. Outline the body of the bike with another 10' White EL wire. Use zip ties to secure the wire to the bike.
C. Snip off excess wire when you're done with the design.
D. Zip tie or tape down the end of the wire to the bike.

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Adambowker98 (author)2012-06-22

So you don't need to complete the circuit at the end? Just snip off the excess EL wire?

Muropa (author)Adambowker982012-09-03

i just wrapped it all around so it would look brighter.

Muropa (author)2012-09-03

i tried doing this to my bike, and it worked. but it rained while i was at school and shorted out my inverterD=

framistan (author)2012-06-23

Tie wraps can slip off the spokes and get tangled in the wheel as you ride. I would apply EPOXY to the tiewraps on the spokes to help prevent that. Even with epoxy holding it, i would inspect it occasionally for safety. Other than that, it looks really impressive at night.

ezelwire (author)2012-06-22

It'll be fine as long as the other end has an inverter attached. You can just snip off the excess wire at the end and put on the cap that comes with the wire to be sure.

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