Step 2: Attach the Circle Design on Back Wheel

Picture of Attach the Circle Design on Back Wheel
After you've created your designs:
A. Attach the extension cable to the inverter and secure the inverter in the center of the wheel. This will be your starting point.
B. Let the extension cable reach the rim of the wheel and start following your pattern from your design.
C. For this weaving design, insert the 25' Blue EL Wire through each spoke of the wheel, creating a continuous "S" design throughout the circumference of the wheel.
D. When the first weave reaches full circle, start weaving the same wire in an opposite "S" direction between of each spoke of the wheel to achieve the "weave" effect.
E. When the second weave reaches full circle again, use a wire cutter to snip off the excess wire.
F. Zip tie or tape down the end of the wire to the bike.