You know there are a ton of ponies from the Friendship is Magic
show that you'd love to have in toy form!
Well, at least the list goes on and on for us...
starting with Daring Do...and enters the realm of our own custom ponies!
Here's a fabulous way to create your very own custom pony!
It's a super fun craft...and a super fun toy!

Step 1: Meet Tropical Mist

Meet Tropical Mist.
And yes, in her previous life, she was a haircut bait Sunny Days.

(Never fear, Daring Do is on her way!)

let's just get onto the basic process...shall we?
<p>I used markers instead of paint. I cut, <strong>not</strong> all the way, and colored one strand with a permanent purple marker. I used yellow eyes, and colored the used to be yellow body with the same purple marker, creating plum. The cutie mark is two fallen purple leaves on top of a yellow floor. I washed her hair, and named her Fallen Leaves.</p>
<p>did you have any inspiration from the warrior cat?</p>
Wow, awesome! Congrats on your new little pony friend! :)
<p>when I said cut, I meant cut hair. Whoopie!</p>
<p>i made 2 custom ponies! Its name is Ruby Glow, the oc of my bff. And Gamer Zap, my oc. Thank u for da tutorial!</p>
<p>My pony's name is pearl.I used pink paint, and the cutie mark is three pearls.I made it from applejack.</p>
Thats so cool! It looks just like daring do, I recognized her immediately!
I used modge podge to glaze my custom but you aren't able to bend the wings without it chipping when you use your spray on glaze can you bend it? Also what is the brand of glaze you use?
This is Watermelon Crush! I made her from pinkie pie!
<p>She is super cute! Great job...how did you dye the hair? :)</p>
<p>you make really cute stuff</p>
<p>This was super helpful! Im making a Luaren Faust Custom. :)</p>
<p>This was super helpful! Im making a Luaren Faust Custom. :)</p>
<p>I will love making my oc thank u so much! :) :) :)</p>
<p>Just finished my first MLP mod. Thanks for all the tips!</p>
if I can find any of my ponies I will have more fun with them if they look how I like them. thanks for the idea
I can't wait to do this! I want to make my OC
Here's a better pic
Wow! Rerooting hair...amazing! :)
Oh, we'll i actually rerooted it. That is whole new hair. It took FOREVER! I don't know how to do her tail though.
Do you agree that the ponies with the sparkle tinsel in their hair are such a hassle. I mean the tinsel makes their hair look CRAZY! This is my sisters AJ and it always looks like that, even when I fix it.
Yes, the tinsel hair is a pain for sure. :)<br>I think the only pony we ever bought with tinsel hair was the rainbow dash we used for Daring Do! :)<br>
I used it for my barbies
Awesome! Post a picture, I'd love to see it! Sounds like it would make a great instructable too! :)
it was a great idea it makes the ponies so much cuter
Ba-bam! It's psy! It started out as a pinkie pie, so I'm thinking about calling it Pinkie Psy!
Wow, it's awesome! Great job, can't even tell it was a Pinkie Pie! Love the name! :)
Thank You!
AWESOME instructable! I'm most likely going to make one, I'll post pictures, too!
Cute, my daughter will love making some of her favorite ponies.

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