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Introduction: Create Custom Rubber Stamps!

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I've wanted a TARDIS rubber stamp for a long time.
A long time.  I'd dream about having one.

Here's a tutorial on creating your own custom rubber stamps!
Think of the endless possibilities!

Step 1: Supplies:

Here's what you'll need to get started:

Speedball, Speedy-Carve Rubber sheets!
I got it on amazon, $15 a sheet that is 6 by 12 inches

(you can also use Pink Rubber erasers)

Hobby knife (xacto)
Cutting mat
Pattern, pen...maybe scissors.

Step 2: Pattern Tracing.

You need a pattern for the stamp...
or you might just get brave and freehand whatever comes to mind.

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut a silhouette of the Tardis.
Then I used a ball point pen to trace it onto the rubber.

**Remember that when you stamp the rubber, the image will end
up reverse your image before tracing and cutting!**

Step 3: Start Cutting.

The rubber is very soft and easy to cut...and also easy to screw up...
like if you "scratch" it lightly with the'll show.

So start slowly.  You don't have to cut very deep either. 
Just press the tip of your blade into the rubber.

I cut around all my black lines.  Alas, they are not perfect.
But there is a certain charm to something handmade.
And something you can't buy anywhere else!

Step 4: Stamp It Out!

I had some mounting foam so I mounted it to the back and stamped away.
The rubber is so thick, it doesn't need the could just tape it on an acrylic or wood block.

Then you can make a bunch of cards and mail them out to people you love!
Then you'll want to make more...I did a Dalek too!

Hope you are inspired!

Check out my blog Doodlecraft for more awesomeness!
Oh, and please vote for me in the scrapbook and stamping contest!  :)



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    How thick is the material supplied from the Amazon source? It might be cuttable by a Cricut or simila CNC or a laser CNC.

    I would like to make a stamp for ham radio QSL cards so would be text and lines for hand written info to be filled in above the lines next to text. Seems would require removing tons of rubber around the letters/lines unless I just had the writing not inked. That would work actually but if you have any suggestions to have text etc "inked" I would love to hear them. Thanks.

    I did this project and bought the material from

    I want the tardis too! Definitely next project!

    Thank you so much for this! <3 i want to have my blog name on rubber stamp. <3 can u tell me if a regular cutter will work with this???? thanks a lot! love the Tardis <3 made me kinda jealous :*

    Great Instructable. Has anyone ever tried using the stencil-cutter tool that is used in a pyrography tool set on this type of material? I have the tool, but I have not worked with this material before. Maybe I shall give it a try and post later to see if it makes the cut-out any easier. Thanks again, and good TARDIS!

    @foobear I get my stamp supports from WalMart.

    I love TARDIS! Gotta try this!

    I may make a stamp for my company TP inc (hence the name)

    This looks awesome - great job~!