Picture of Create Custom Sublist in Excel (sublist changes as per header)
Here I will show a process by which we can make our tables smaller and stramlined. No need to put in cumpulsory blank rows and all. The searching also becomes very simple. Just have to use the filters.

Step 1: Create the Table

Picture of Create the Table
Firstly create a table! This step is optional if you don't want to put the feature in a table. We will be using the header and Sub header columns to show the operation
dchall83 years ago
If I understand what you did, the cell in column C becomes context sensitive to the contents of the adjacent cell in column B...is that correct? Do you have a practical example?
artworker (author)  dchall83 years ago
Exactly! We are using this in our office place. While creating question papers, we provide heading and sub headings which are predefined and according to the syllabus. This is done to avoid arbitrary questions being created. The headings and sub headings are created in this manner. I just used this example for showing how it can be done.