Have you ever wanted to create your own custom interface kind of like a Main Menu for something? Well this can be achieved using a handy piece of software called Visual Basic, in this program you can create programs that allows you to click on buttons, check boxes and have the program display text. Visual Basic can be downloaded off the internet but be warned some versions of it are not free.  This program is perfect if you are making a film and require any type of graphic interface to use as footage in your film.    

Step 1: Create New Form

 The first thing you need to do is create a new Form, the Form is the grey box that contains all the objects and code of your program. In the bottom right of the screen there is a list of properties for a selected object, in Visual basic its important to give objects a name that starts with the proper abbreviation; for Forms its "frm" then put the Form's actual name in this case "frmGame"  inside name box. 

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