With the opening of the TechShop in my city , Heaven came to Earth! (www.techshop.ws)

One of the most amazing machines they have is the "ShopBot": a CNC Router/Engraver.
They have 3 of them, a desktop, a medium and a large size.

Since I started, few weeks ago, I took all the classes required to use the Shop Bot (3) and unleashed my creativity!

In this instructable, I will show you how to use the sotware available for you at TechShop to quickly create nameplates and virtually review the result.

In this way, you can familiarize with the software before you take the ShopBot classes, and waste no time once you can access this fantastic machine!

All you need is a TechShoop membership, and your creativity!

Step 1: Start the Design

First thing, you need to define your design.

TechShop has for you to freely use, one of the easiest and coolest software: VCarve Pro.

So, Open it and click to "Create a new file" (1) and insert the dimensions of the piece of wood you want to carve (2), in my case,9"x6", set the thickness (0.75"), the upper corner as Z Zero, the lower right corner as XY Zero, and leave the rest untouched. Click OK
<p>very well documented and great photos to follow along with. Having a machine myself, I would like to mention a couple things that will keep you happy machining signs or other projects.</p><p>1. When performing several different cuts, always make the cutout the last step. You want to keep the material as secure as possible while carving or machining out the inside and then perform the cutout step last.</p><p>2. I cut up a sheet of MDF the size of my project and practice on that before cutting out or engraving on my expensive piece of Myrtlewood or Oak. Pine also works well and it is much cheaper to work with.</p><p>Happy carving.</p>

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