Step 4: Execute the code

Click the start test button. The user form should open and the options with the questions should be populated. If it does not open, that means your macro settings are not set. Kindly google for the same.
<p>How do you change it so it doesn't do just 10 questions randomly? I would like to do 50 questions randomly.</p>
<p>Please see inbox.</p>
<p>A very interesting and useful instructable. Thanks</p>
<p>Hello, it is really nice.</p><p>Can anyone try to highlight the correct answer with green background. If you click wrong answer, the right answer should be highlight with green and pass to next question. Possible?</p>
<p>Easier option! You can show the correct answer in a message box. Just one or two lines has to be added in the code.</p>
<p>Thanks got it.</p>
Thanks for the short lecture. Please can you explain what the changes one has to make to the program to accommodate 5 choices to choose from?
<p>Insert new answers in column F</p><p>Add a new control in the form as Answer5</p><p>Add the following code where required</p><p>***************code begin</p><p>.<br>.<br>.<br>Private Sub Answer5_Click()<br>Button.Enabled = True<br>End Sub<br>.<br>.<br>.<br>ElseIf (Answer5.Value = True) Then<br> ans = 5<br>.<br>.<br>.<br>Answer5.Value = False<br>.<br>.<br>.<br>Answer5.Caption = Range(&quot;Questions!F&quot; &amp; counter).Text</p><p>**************code end</p><p>Edit the remaining code as per the changes in the excel such as </p><p>F,G,H and I will change to G,H,I and J (because a column has been inserted)</p><p>That is about it! (am I missing something?)</p><p>Please comment if you are stuck.</p>
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How would you create a &quot;complete&quot; button, that when the test taker is done, that outputs their answers along with their score to another file (or even to an email address), or to a printer?
You see, I am a lazy guy. The code for what you ask is available on google. But It will take some time to get incorporated into the code. I will surely add those in v2.0.
This is completely and totally awesome. You, sir, are an Excel ninja. A light, a beacon for those teachers who are tired of writing a test, grading that test, doing data entry for an hour, and finally seeing how their students performed. <br /><br />Revolutionary. Now, we just need a version for those teachers who have previously only ever used Powerpoint and Word.

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