Step 4: Execute the Code

Click the start test button. The user form should open and the options with the questions should be populated. If it does not open, that means your macro settings are not set. Kindly google for the same.
<p>Hi,</p><p>Any idea how do we store the scores if there are 50 concurrent users giving the same test?</p>
<p>Got some idea here <a href="http://www.rondebruin.nl/win/s1/outlook/mail.htm"> http://www.rondebruin.nl/win/s1/outlook/mail.htm</a></p><p>But still have to try this out. Please post if you get anything fruitful.</p>
How would you create a &quot;complete&quot; button, that when the test taker is done, that outputs their answers along with their score to another file (or even to an email address), or to a printer?
You see, I am a lazy guy. The code for what you ask is available on google. But It will take some time to get incorporated into the code. I will surely add those in v2.0.
<p>Hi,</p><p>Any idea how do we store the scores if there are 50 concurrent users giving the same test?</p>
Hi, Iam new vba any one help me what are 7 controls which was added to the userform plz
<p>The default userform controls in excel VBA are</p><p>Label: used for showing text to user</p><p>TextBox: used to take user input</p><p>ComboBox: Dropdown list</p><p>ListBox: Scrolling list (can be multi selection)</p><p>CheckBox: Used to take tick marks (multi selection)</p><p>OptionButton: Used to take tick marks (single selection)</p><p>ToggleButton: On off switch</p><p>Frame: Used to group controls</p><p>CommandButton: ok/cancel/submit or any other button</p><p>TabStrip: Used for multi tab effect</p><p>MultiPage: Used for multi form effect</p><p>ScrollBar: Used to scroll/slider</p><p>SpinButton: Used as counter</p><p>Image: Insert pics</p><p>RefEdit: External controls like file read wizard</p><p>I have used: Labels, RadioButtons and CommandButtons in the above user form.</p><p>Hope this helps.</p>
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<p>Hi team, </p><p>Can we copy the test result of one person in different sheet to Validate. and also can we add timer (for Ex. for 30 mins) it should end the test. </p><p>Please help!</p><p>Thanks &amp; Regards</p><p>Satish</p>
<p>hi... i have completed and found the answer..tks</p><p>another question i would like to ask is on the present page is it possible to attach pictures as objective questions.....</p>
<p>Yes! This can be done. But some addins are required for images to be ported from the excel sheet to the VBA forms. Have to do some R&amp;D. This is out of my scope for now. Will make another ible if get to know about this feature.</p>
<p>tks..</p><p>also i would like to know on the prsent page as im setting up something for my office staff as soon as the test starts will it be possible for the staff to enter their names and after the exam/test their percentage is auto printed on as a PDF file which can be generated as an email.</p>
<p>hi. i would like to know how to change the mark percentage for the sheet .. i am giving 50 questions .. i need to get after the exam total percentage of 100%. how to indicate it..</p>
<p>Sir how can I change the questions into 10? I made a questions of 127 items and marked the questions to 50 random but when I tried to start the questions it appears only 10 random questions. Please help me Sir.</p>
<p>Change the line</p><p>While (Range(&quot;Questions!H1&quot;).Text &lt;&gt; 10)</p><p>to</p><p>While (Range(&quot;Questions!H1&quot;).Text &lt;&gt; 50)</p><p>If qcounter &lt;= 10 Then</p><p>to</p><p>If qcounter &lt;= 50 Then</p><p>AND</p><p>If qcounter = 11 Then</p><p>to</p><p>If qcounter = 51 Then</p><p>The scoring thing will still have a glitche.</p><p>This is a temporary solution. I will have to make a newer improved customizable version of the question paper.</p>
Wow superb work sir. I was searching similar from last week. I would like to have one more feature. I am planning to make around 1000 questions in excel, and then select some questions from them, say 25, and print a small test. In this way we will be able to make different questions in each test without copy pasting anything. <br><br>For print we can use sheet2 and make some code that will fetch questions with 'A' in column G. I dont know how to write that code or formula. If you can write it will be very useful.
<p>How do you change it so it doesn't do just 10 questions randomly? I would like to do 50 questions randomly.</p>
<p>Please see inbox.</p>
<p>Can you please help me too. How do you change it so it doesn't do just 10 questions randomly? I would like to do 50 questions randomly.</p>
<p>How do you change it so I can have more than 10 questions say 30 or 50?</p>
<p>Change the code in Sub Button1_Click()</p><p>While (Range(&quot;Questions!H1&quot;).Text &lt;&gt; 10)</p><p>to</p><p>While (Range(&quot;Questions!H1&quot;).Text &lt;&gt; 30)</p>
<p>How do you change it so I can have more than 10 questions say 30 or 50?</p>
<p>A very interesting and useful instructable. Thanks</p>
<p>Hello, it is really nice.</p><p>Can anyone try to highlight the correct answer with green background. If you click wrong answer, the right answer should be highlight with green and pass to next question. Possible?</p>
<p>Easier option! You can show the correct answer in a message box. Just one or two lines has to be added in the code.</p>
<p>Thanks got it.</p>
Thanks for the short lecture. Please can you explain what the changes one has to make to the program to accommodate 5 choices to choose from?
<p>Insert new answers in column F</p><p>Add a new control in the form as Answer5</p><p>Add the following code where required</p><p>***************code begin</p><p>.<br>.<br>.<br>Private Sub Answer5_Click()<br>Button.Enabled = True<br>End Sub<br>.<br>.<br>.<br>ElseIf (Answer5.Value = True) Then<br> ans = 5<br>.<br>.<br>.<br>Answer5.Value = False<br>.<br>.<br>.<br>Answer5.Caption = Range(&quot;Questions!F&quot; &amp; counter).Text</p><p>**************code end</p><p>Edit the remaining code as per the changes in the excel such as </p><p>F,G,H and I will change to G,H,I and J (because a column has been inserted)</p><p>That is about it! (am I missing something?)</p><p>Please comment if you are stuck.</p>
This is completely and totally awesome. You, sir, are an Excel ninja. A light, a beacon for those teachers who are tired of writing a test, grading that test, doing data entry for an hour, and finally seeing how their students performed. <br /><br />Revolutionary. Now, we just need a version for those teachers who have previously only ever used Powerpoint and Word.

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