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Create sand texture using PVA glue and sand. A relatively simple and effective technique to create sand texture on an array of projects and can be applied to any art and/or craft project.

In this video, I use an existing project by Dramamask Evolution to embellish the design and to create the effect I am looking. In this instance it is a Celtic plaque, which I wanted to create a sand texture in the deep cuts, to accentuate the design. I have also used the sand texturing on other projects and show examples at the end of the video, which includes a alginate casted hand sculpture, plus experimenting on a jam jar.



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    Thank you! It is very simple and can improve what has been created before. I'll be using a whole load of sand and glue to cover up mistakes in the future, plus use it to create textures, which are otherwise quite difficult to do. Have a whole load of ideas already! :D

    I have a whole lot of ideas too. Th a inks.

    I'll keep my eye out, if you post anything here. :)